Spiritual Life Fellowship, Inc., a Spiritualists' National Union Church, Ridgefield, New Jersey

Spiritual Life Fellowship, Inc.

An Associated Body of the Spiritualists' National Union

A Spiritualist Church and Center in an Interfaith Tradition

The Rev. Barbara Toole, CSNU, Pastor and Spiritualist Medium  

(201) 943-6103                                info@spirituallifefellowship.org






Mission Statement

The Mission of Spiritual Life Fellowship is to:

bulletDeliver Spirit's message that life continues for everyone through all eternity. 
bulletAdvance the belief that the First Principle of all life is the Progression of each Soul back to The One Source, which we call God.
bulletRecognize and validate all individual Paths of Progression to The One Source that are based on Love and Truth.
bulletEncourage each person's Path of Progression by offering many varied opportunities for spiritual awareness, learning and growth.