Spiritual Life Fellowship, Inc., a Spiritualists' National Union Church, Ridgefield, New Jersey

Spiritual Life Fellowship, Inc.

An Associated Body of the Spiritualists' National Union

A Spiritualist Church and Center in an Interfaith Tradition

The Rev. Barbara Toole, CSNU, Pastor and Spiritualist Medium  

(201) 943-6103                                info@spirituallifefellowship.org






Mediumship Classes & Circles

Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced


Unfolding Mediumship & Psychic Awareness:

A Beginnersí Course to be held this spring

 with Rev. Barbara Toole

This introductory course is for YOU if you wish to develop your psychic and intuitive awareness and to explore your ability to communicate with the Spirit World.

The six weekly classes in this introductory session are designed to build a firm foundation upon which your further mediumistic development and spiritual unfoldment can continue to be built.

Through the exercises provided, you will be offered many opportunities for opening your psychic senses.  These senses are used in both psychic/intuitive reading and in communicating with the Spirit World.  Skills and understandings will be presented which will enhance your natural abilities and which will stand you in good stead for further psychic/intuitive and mediumistic development.

Throughout this course, class time will be spent in practical, hands-on work, designed to enhance your natural gifts and abilities.  Each student will be given the opportunity to link with the Spirit World in a safe, structured and guided way.

Individualized instruction and personal guidance make this the perfect place to begin your psychic/spiritual/mediumistic journey!   No prior experience is required!

Please contact Barbara at 201-943-6103 for updated information.

Classes currently meeting at:
*Yoga Anjali

911 Main Street
Belmar, NJ  07719

For dates and times, please go to Sapphire Angels on Meetup.com


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