Spiritual Life Fellowship, Inc., a Spiritualists' National Union Church, Ridgefield, New Jersey

Spiritual Life Fellowship, Inc.

An Associated Body of the Spiritualists' National Union

A Spiritualist Church and Center in an Interfaith Tradition

The Rev. Barbara Toole, CSNU, Pastor and Spiritualist Medium  

(201) 943-6103                                info@spirituallifefellowship.org






Celebrate the Spirit: 

A Spiritualist Divine Sunday Service
with Rev. Barbara Toole


The spiritual journey is the individual journey of your own soul.  It is coming to know and experience the love of the Divine in a deeply personal way.  It means opening to your own spirit within, and through the awareness of your own spirit, realizing the oneness of all creation.  It means resting in the knowledge of the continuous existence of life and in the fact that eternal progress is open to every human soul.


Join Rev. Barbara in a quiet time of Spiritual Devotion, as she leads you to a personal place in which you can "Celebrate the Spirit" by opening to the wisdom of your own soul, by touching  the spark of the Divine that is the inherent birthright of every person, and by coming to know that our loved ones, who have gone through the change called death, are indeed alive and well, progressing on their own spiritual journeys, in that wonderful realm we call the Spirit World.


Together, we will “Celebrate the Spirit” in our Sunday Service on the FIRST SUNDAY OF THE MONTH at 6 PM at

Yoga Anjali

911 Main Street

Belmar, NJ  07719. 

The Spirit is that living, loving spark of the Divine that is the very life force of all creation.  It is that part of each of us that physical death cannot extinguish.  Come and enjoy this time of nurturing your own Spirit while opening to your Higher Self and being touched by the love of the Spirit World.  

Our Sunday Services include a time for individual Spiritual Healing, messages from Spirit, a guided meditation and more. 

There is no charge for our Divine Sunday Service, however, a love donation will be collected. 

All are welcome!

For specific dates and times, please go to Sapphire Angels on Meetup.com


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