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Rev. Barbara has always seen Spiritualism as an umbrella over all of the World's Great Religious Traditions.  In this age of spiritual seeking on a world-wide level, she believes that the Philosophy of Spiritualism and its Seven Principles support and encourage the concepts of Interfaith, as each individual deepens and broadens his/her own spirituality.  To that end, Spiritual Life Fellowship follows in this Interfaith Tradition.  


We believe in the Divinity of God, no matter by what name we may call the God of our understanding.  We recognize that every True Religion holds Truth and Beauty in its essence.  We acknowledge that there are many paths which lead to the Divine.  We respect and honor all Paths of Love that lead to greater spiritual awareness.  Therefore, we espouse the Interfaith Motto:


"Never Instead of. . .

Always in addition to. . .


We welcome people of all religious faiths.  We believe in the Oneness of All Life:  that we are all connected through the Divine.  We encourage all people to express and strengthen both their spiritual natures and their personal connection with the Divine by following the path of spiritual growth which best suits their individual needs.

About Interfaith

Interfaith is a religious philosophy that recognizes One God, One Supreme Being, One Universal Intelligence, regardless of what name that Divinity may be called. Interfaith acknowledges that each of the World's Great Religious Traditions holds Truth and Beauty in its essence, but that no one religion embodies ALL of the Truth and Beauty.


In this age of individual freedom, people are seeking to find their own personal connection to the Divine. Interfaith encourages each individual to do so: to find and apply the theories and practices from each of the Great Religious Traditions that resonate personally and that deepen one’s own personal spirituality.

Interfaith implies the understanding that, through our connection with the Divine, we are all one. It espouses a philosophy of love, compassion, understanding and peace, encouraging all people to live by these virtues as they develop a personal awareness of the Divine in their lives.

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