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Spiritualism is a modern religion based on the Seven Principles of Spiritualism, with the knowledge that the human spirit survives physical death.  It combines both ancient wisdom with modern thought, presenting its beliefs from the perspective of religion, philosophy and science.


Spiritualism, as a religion, recognizes One God, One Supreme Being, One Universal Intelligence.  It believes that The One Supreme Being is behind, and in, all manifested form, including human life on earth and spirit life on the other side of the veil that we call “death.”  Spiritualism encourages each individual to find his/her own personal connection to that Supreme Being.  


Although there are no particular dogmas or creeds associated with Spiritualism, there is a philosophy for living that is embedded in The Seven Principles of Spiritualism.  This is a philosophy that emphasizes personal responsibility for all thoughts, words and deeds done on earth.  It is based on the fact that you reap what you sow, both here and hereafter.  


Based on these beliefs, Spiritualism puts forth the idea that one can either advance or retard the progress of his/her soul by thoughts, words and deeds done on earth.  But, nothing is forever.  Spiritualism does not believe in a Heaven and a Hell, in the traditional sense of the words.  


Rather, Spiritualism believes that eternal progress is open to every human soul.  The soul, after earthly “death,” continues to live in the Spirit Realms, where it grows and develops, until it eventually reunites with the One Source of all Being.  


As a result, Spiritualism is a religion of joy.  Its purpose it to teach people how to live in a loving and compassionate way, knowing that everyone is personally responsible for the progress of his/her own soul.


It is through these beliefs and the principle of the communion of spirit that Spiritualism can be viewed as a science, for Spiritualism believes in proving the continuation of life through mediumship.  Therefore, messages from Spirit are delivered through mediums as part of most Spiritualist worship services.

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